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Fusion Rally

Major, minor, fast, and slow, calm but busy, high and low, Fusion Rally is a mood mélange, taking the listener on an unpredictable road trip. Bright, scalar dashes fold into stilted blocked chords before dissolving into warm, wistful ballads. After a couple passes around this lively carousel, the piece pivots, driving to an upbeat, nostalgic ending. Fusion Rally is ideal for intermediate high school bands and advanced middle school bands.

Duration: 4 minutes; Grade 3; Price: Score and parts- $55 / Score alone- $15


for Jazz Band

The Blockwire Crush

The Blockwire Crush is a cumbrous throwback to early big band with retro plunger effects and an old-school bass rumble. The liberal use of diminished harmonies and chromaticism give The Blockwire Crush its lumbering stagger. The piece opens with the main theme which contains carefully placed dissonances and stylized note attacks that set the stage for a gritty, modernized take on an old approach. The Blockwire Crush is ideal for intermediate high school bands.

Duration: 4 minutes; Grade 3; Price: Score and parts- $55 / Score alone- $15


for Jazz Band

Hydraulic Lime

Hydraulic Lime hits hard with a dark, dramatic pop/funk vibe driven by an off-beat rhythm section. Sharp, motivic figures puncture the texture of smooth supporting lines as the piece careens across a precarious rhythmic foundation effusing energy in several electric shades of lime. Its unconventional approach to melody and rhythm give Hydraulic Lime its volatile intensity.

Duration: 4 minutes; Grade 4; Price: Score and parts- $55 / Score alone- $15


for Jazz Band

Premium Color

Premium Color is an episodic trifecta comprised of three incidental vignettes that use three different aural palettes of color. Each vignette features a different section of the jazz band and brings a shift in color. Each shift in color is adjoined to the others by a short refrain that reoccurs between vignettes in order to cleanse the palette for the new direction, providing the listener with several splashes of premium color.

Duration: 3.5 minutes; Grade 2+; Price: Score and parts- $55 / Score alone- $15


for Jazz Band

Madison Park

Madison Park is a bright, modern swing scenario. Emerging from a wistful tenor sax solo, the piece introduces a jaunty theme carried by the entire sax section. This theme re-occurs two more times, increasing in complexity each time all-the-while maintaining a light feel-good ambiance. Free from all things dark, heavy, or intense, Madison Park gifts the listener with an uninterrupted run of relaxed sunshine.

Duration: 3.5 minutes; Grade 2; Price: Score and parts- $55 / Score alone- $15

For the Good Times (Expected Release Date: Fall 2022)
Brooklyn (Expected Release Date: Fall 2021)

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