About Darryl Johnson II

Darryl Johnson II

Professional Appearances

In addition to writing music, I frequently visit groups around the country that are performing my works. If you are interested in scheduling an appearance for rehearsals and/or performances, feel free to contact me for more information!

Academic Appearances

Local Appearances

One of the best things in life I have the privilege of doing is making guest appearances for middle school, high school, and college students via The Composition Experience. If you direct a Southern California academic performing group and would like to schedule an in-class appearance, I would be thrilled to work with your students on the music, discuss composition, and answer questions they may have concerning these and related matters. I am generally available year-round for schools in Southern California.

National Appearances

While special visits are possible for groups outside of the Southern California area, I generally make the The Composition Experience available to students in other areas by organizing tours of different regions of the country in order to provide easy and affordable access to more schools. I feature different states for each school year, so if you would like information on scheduling for your state, please contact me and I'll certainly keep you updated on when I'll be in your area!

The The Composition Experience program fulfills multiple components of the music education standards for every U.S. state and complements music education curriculum by providing a direct perspective into the composition process and exposing students to aspects of music that while important, are often difficult to include in the academic setting. Please get in touch if you would like to provide this experience for your students!

Past Appearances

AGWSR High School (Ackley, Iowa)

     Tyler Winkey, Director

AGWSR Middle School (Wellsburg, Iowa)

     Amanda Lee, Director

Alpine Vista K-8 School (Tulare, California)

     Eric Farrenkopf, Director

Anderson High School (Anderson, California)

     Mike Costa, Director

Apollo High School (St. Cloud Minnesota)

     George Zahn, Director

Armada Middle School (Armada, Michigan)

     Keenan Thomason, Director

Azusa Conservatory of Music (Azusa, California)

     Alexander Koops, Director

Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, California)

     Alexander Koops, Director

Barney Junior High School (Queen Creek, Arizona)

     Dave Juarros, Director

Basha High School (Chandler, Arizona)

     Matt Kozacek, Director

Batesville High School (Batesville, Indiana)

     Eric Stauffer, Director

BCLUW High School (Conrad, Iowa)

     David Bartling, Director

BCLUW Middle School (Union, Iowa)

     David Bartling, Director

Bellevue Christian School (Bellevue, Washington)

     Kathy Boone, Director

Bethel High School (Bethel, Connecticut)

     Damon E. Coachman, Director

Bethel Tate High School (Bethel, Ohio)

     Albin Walbillig, Director

Bluffs Middle School (Scottsbluff, Nebraska)

     Michael Koch, Director

Boltz Middle School (Fort Collins, Colorado)

     Kenyon Scheruman, Director

Bonners Ferry High School (Bonners Ferry, Idaho)

     Jessica Hanna, Director

Boulder City High School (Boulder City, Nevada)

     James Gillette, Director

Braham Area Jr./Sr. High School (Braham, Minnesota)

     Bryan Johnson, Director

Breese Elementary School (Breese, Illinois)

     Evelyn Schrand, Director

Buckhorn High School (New Market, Alabama)

     Jacob Souder, Director

Burns Jr./Sr. High School (Burns, Wyoming)

     Anne Schatz, Director

Cadillac Senior High School (Cadillac, Michigan)

     Mike Filkins, Director

Calkins Road Middle School (Pittsford, New York)

     Heather Trapiss, Director

Calvary Day School (Savannah, Georgia)

     Bryce Bielec, Director

Canyon Springs High School (North Las Vegas, Nevada)

     Analese Alvarez, Director

Cascade High School (Turner, Oregon)

     Allie Greenwell, Director

Casper College (Casper, Wyoming)

     Doug Bull, Director

Castillero Middle School (San Jose, California)

     Ron Bowman, Director

     Scott Krijnen, Director

Castlemont High School (Oakland, California)

     Vincent Tolliver, Director

Cedar Drive Middle School (Colts Neck, New Jersey)

     Denise Ridoux, Director

Centennial K-8 School (Gilbert, Arizona)

     Jennifer Juarros, Director

Channel Islands High School (Oxnard, California)

     Loreto Teruel, Director

Chehalis Middle School (Chealis, Washington)

     Scott O’hara, Director

Cirillo High School (Walworth, New York)

     Aaron Strausser, Director

Clarke Community High School (Osceola, Iowa)

     Karina Snider, Director

Colony High School (Palmer, Alaska)

     Jamin Burton, Director

Colony Middle School (Palmer, Alaska)

     Toby Lambert, Director

Corbett Junior High School (Schertz, Texas)

     Corey Barker, Director

     Lauren York, Director

Corcoran High School (Corcoran, California)

     Chad McCoy, Director

Cordova Jr/Sr High School (Cordova, Alaska)

     Chelsea Corrao, Director

Dale Junior High School (Anaheim, California)

     Jodi Urquidez, Director

Daniels Middle School (Raleigh, North Carolina)

     Audrey Yosai, Director

Davies High School (Fargo, North Dakota)

     Eric Saari, Coordinator

Deer Creek Intermediate School (St. Francis, Wisconsin)

     Elizabeth Lewis, Director

Deer Park High School (Deer Park, Washington)

     Taylor Belote, Director

Del Webb Middle School (Henderson, Nevada)

     Tracy Leslie, Director

Des Moines Christian High School (Urbandale, Iowa)

     Rob Lane, Director

Desert Mountain High School (Scottsdale, Arizona)

     Michelle Irvin, Director

Desert Ridge High School (Mesa, Arizona)

     Stephanie Campbell, Director

Discovery Middle School (Fargo, North Dakota)

     Verlene Stotts, Director

Doolen Middle School (Tucson, Arizona)

     Suzanne Sommerhalter, Director

Dysart High School (El Mirage, Arizona)

     Kim Wall , Director

East Alexander Middle School (Hiddenite, North Carolina)

     Melanie Hudson, Director

East Valley Middle School (East Helena, Montana)

     Tim Pipinich, Director

Eielson Jr/Sr High School (Eielson Airforce Base, Alaska)

     Todd Wienke, Director

Eisenhower Middle School (Topeka, Kansas)

     Vikkie Metzger, Director

El Capitan High School (Merced, California)

     Robert Hillhouse, Director

El Diamante High School (Visalia, California)

     Mike Tackett, Director

Erin Elementary School (Hartford, Wisconsin)

     Ryan Meisel, Director

Escalante Middle School (Durango, Colorado)

     Rusty Charpentier, Director

     Evelyn Black Director

Eureka Middle School (Eureka, Montana)

     Amber Greymorning, Director

Evergreen Middle School (Redmond, Washington)

     Eric Peterson, Director

Farmington High School (Farmington, New Mexico)

     Chris Argotsinger, Director

Farnell Middle School (Tampa, Florida)

     Kelsie McCay, Director

Foothill Middle School (Azusa, California)

     Jesse Barr, Director

Frankfort Middle School (Frankfort, Indiana)

     Amanda Long, Director

Franklin Middle School (Fargo, North Dakota)

     Shawn Brekke, Director

Franklin High School (Seattle, Washington)

     Geoff Ogle, Director

Franklin Middle School (Wheaton, Illinois)

     Kurt Makaryk, Director

Freedom Middle School (Kaukauna, Wisconsin)

     Donna Langner, Director

Frost Middle School (Granada Hills, California)

     Juan Rodriguez, Director

Gainesville Middle School (Gainesville, Virginia)

     Steven Ballas, Director

Galway Junior/Senior High School (Galway, New York)

     Gary Barrow, Director

Germantown Elementary School (Germantown, Illinois)

     Pat Henrichs, Director

Germantown Hills Middle School (Germantown Hills, Illinois)

     Eric Loring, Director

G-E-T High School (Galesville, Wisconsin)

     Brenda Cauchel, Director

G-E-T Middle School (Galesville, Wisconsin)

     Kim Schacherl, Director

Gidley School (El Monte, California)

     Dave Carden, Director

Gonzales High School (Gonzales, California)

     Brian Parker, Director

Gore High School (Gore, Oklahoma)

     Kristopher Boys, Director

Graham Mark Middle School (Triangle, Virginia)

     Carrie Fessner, Director

Griffin School (Olympia, Washington)

     Jennifer Marin, Director

Hadley Middle School (Wichita, Kansas)

     Tia Ruder, Director

Hanceville High School (Hanceville, Alabama)

     Steven Porter, Director

Harrison County High School (Cynthiana, Kentucky)

     John Merz, Director

Highland Park High School (Topeka, Kansas)

     Chris Reynolds, Director

Holcomb High School (Holcomb, Kansas)

     Conrad Gachne, Director

Holly Academy (Holly, Michigan)

     Matt Dufresne, Director

Holton High School (Holton, Kansas)

     Jayme Malsom, Director

Hot Springs High School (Hot Springs, South Dakota)

     Nate Kroshus

Houston High School (Houston, Alaska)

     Shane Artz, Director

Houston Middle School (Houston, Alaska)

     Eric Robson, Director

Hueneme High School (Oxnard, California)

     Kyle Norwood

Ignacio High School (Ignacio, Colorado)

     Katrina Hedrick, Director

Indian Trail Junior High School (Addison, Illinois)

     Lawrence Underwood, Director

Jardine Middle School (Wichita, Kansas)

     Kimme Whittemore, Director

Jefferson Middle School (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

     Taron Kouri, Director

Jenifer Junior High School (Lewiston, Idaho)

     Matt Lieberman, Director

Jerome Middle School (Jerome, Idaho)

     Hiroshi Fukuoka, Director

Jimtown High School (Elkhart, Indiana)

     Kathy Baughman, Director

Johnson Junior High School (Kingsburg, California)

     Kimbi Sigle, Director

Johnson Junior High School (Las Vegas, Nevada)

     Darren Motamedy, Director

Jones Middle School (Baldwin Park, California)

     Daniel Stott, Director

Kamiakin Middle School (Kirkland, Washington)

     Ward Brannman, Director

Lake Linden-Hubbel Jr/Sr High School (Lake Linden, Michigan)

     Robbie Miller, Director

Lakeside Middle School (Plummer, Idaho)

     Kelly Mullins, Director

Lakota Middle School (Federal Way, Washington)

     Shawn Roller, Director

Lead-Deadwood Middle & High School (Lead, South Dakota)

     Mick Dragoo, Director

Lexington Middle School (Cypress, California)

     Steven Graves, Director

Lincoln Middle School (Fort Collins, Colorado)

     Gino Panepinto , Director

Lincoln Middle School (Selma, California)

     Allene Nunez, Director

Linden High School (Linden, California)

     Heather Small, Director

Luxemburg-Casco High School (Casco, Wisconsin)

     Clint Piper, Director

Luxemburg-Casco Middle School (Casco, Wisconsin)

     Tim Bahn, Director

Many High School (Many, Louisiana)

     Scott Debose, Director

Maple Ridge Secondary School (Maple Ridge, BC- Canada)

     Brian Weingartner (Director)

Maplewood Jr./Sr. High School (Guys Mills, Pennsylvania)

     Jamie Gardner, Director

Marionville High School (Marionville, Missouri)

     Lucas Janes, Director

Marshall Middle School (San Diego, California)

     Steve Steinberg, Director

Marysville High School (Marysville, Kansas)

     Jamie Minneman, Director

Massey High School (Brandon, Manitoba- Canada)

     Meaghan Walker, Director

Matilija Junior High School (Ojai, California)

     Don Orser, Director

McKinley Middle School (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

     Liz Driskell, Director

Meadowbrook Middle School (Poway, California)

     Ella Steinberg, Director

Mesquite High School (Gilbert, Arizona)

     David Willers

Mitchell Middle School (Rancho Cordova, California)

     Dan McCrossen, Director

Moses Lake High School (Moses Lake, Washington)

     Dan Beich, Director - Michael Divelbiss, Director

Mountain View Middle School (Redding California)

     Derek Newell, Director

Narrogin Senior High School (Narrogin, Western Australia)

     Stephanie Whitting, Director

     Rebecca Dalton, Director

Nelson Avenue Middle School (Oroville, California)

     Bob Christensen, Director

Nickle School (Calgary, Alberta- Canada)

     David Jensen, Director

Niwot High School (Niwot, Colorado)

     Wade Hendricks, Director

Noble Middle School (Wilmington, North Carolina)

     Patricia Knauf, Director

North Hartford High School (Pylesville, Maryland)

     Sabrina Fellenbaum, Director

North Middle School (St. Cloud, Minnesota)

     George Zahn, Director

North Pole Middle School (North Pole, Alaska)

     Vanessa Jackson, Director

Northwestern High School (Maple, Wisconsin)

     Michael Hintzman, Director

Nowata High School (Nowata, Oklahoma)

     Jennifer Prince, Director

Nute High School (Milton, New Hampshire)

     Bonnie Michaud, Director

Oakmont High School (Ashburnham, Massachusetts)

     Kris Demoura, Director

Obsidian Middle School (Redmond, Oregon)

     Kelly Mullins, Director

Oldenburg Academy (Oldenburg, Indiana)

     Kris Wampler, Director

Oldmans Township School (Mannington, New Jersey)

     Hayden Delia, Director

Olliver Middle School (Bakersfield, California)

     John Barker, Director

Olympian High School (Chula Vista, California)

     Eric Mabrey, Director

Overland Trail Middle School (Brighton, Colorado)

     Misty Ebers, Director

Pacheco K-8 School (Redding, California)

     Mike Costa, Director

Palatine High School (Palatine, Illinois)

     Carlos Esquivel, Director

Park Hill High School (Kansas City, Missouri)

     Ky Hascall, Director

Payson Middle School (Payson, Utah)

     Connie Ericksen, Director

Pelahatchie Attendance Center (Pelahatchie, Mississippi)

     Helen Echazabal, Director

Pennfield Jr/Sr High School (Battle Creek, Michigan)

     Blake Driver, Director

Peotone High School (Peotone, Illinois)

     Adam Rusek, Director

Pimlico State High School (Pimlico, Queensland- Australia)

     Sue Darrigan, Director

     Jacinta Payne, Director

Pleasant Grove Middle School (Rescue, California)

     Shaun Manley, Director

Pojoaque Middle School (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

     Jesus Montes, Director

Porter Middle School (Missoula, Montana)

     Jesse Dochnahl, Director

Potrero Elementary School (El Monte, California)

     Victor Williams, Director

Preston Middle School (Fort Collins, Colorado)

     Andrew Hollenbeck, Director

Purvis High School (Purvis, Mississippi)

     Nicole Allen, Director

Putnam County Junior High School (McNabb, Illinois)

     Ashlie Schlatweiler, Director

Redmond High School (Redmond, Washington)

     Andy Robertson, Director

Redmond Middle School (Redmond, Washington)

     Don Furness, Director

River Valley Middle School (Spring Green, Wisconsin)

     Tony Cavagnetto, Director

Rocky Mountain High School (Fort Collins, Colorado)

     Kenyon Scheurman, Director

Sabino High School (Tucson, Arizona)

     Ted Biggs, Director

Sacajawea Middle School (Federal Way, Washington)

     Dan Haeck, Director

Santa Cruz Valley Union High School (Eloy, Arizona)

     Joshua White, Director

Scotts Valley High School (Scotts Valley, California)

     Beth Hollenbeck, Director

Scottsbluff High School (Scottsbluff, Nebraska)

     Frank Ibero, Director

Seattle Christian School (SeaTac, Washington)

     Adam Smith, Director

Shadow Mountain High School (Phoenix, Arizona)

     Natan Simon, Director

Sierra High School (Tollhouse, California)

     Bruce Weinberger

Slauson Middle School (Azusa, California)

     Scott Taylor, Director

Snow Hill High School (Snow Hill, Maryland)

     Matt Haelig, Director

South Albany High School (Albany, Oregon)

     Isaac Andrew, Director

South Middle School (Lancaster, South Carolina)

     Pamela Sweer, Director

Starmont High School (Arlington, Iowa)

     Robert McIntyre, Director

Stonecreek Middle School (Bakersfield, California)

     Jeremy Martin, Director

Sumner-Fredericksburg High School (Sumner, Iowa)

     James Wright, Director

Supai Middle School (Scottsdale, Arizona)

     Jenna Giles, Director

Taft Middle School (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

     Louis Taylor, Director

Tanana Middle School (Fairbanks, Alaska)

     Simon Traynor, Director

Taylor Junior High School (Ingleside, Texas)

     Katie Hon, Director

Technical High School (St. Cloud, Minnesota)

     Gary Zwack, Director

Timberlake Senior High School (Spirit Lake, Idaho)

     Tim Wood, Director

Tucker County High School (Hambleton, West Virginia)

     Denver Gaydon, Director

Uintah High School (Vernal, Utah)

     Brian Gibson, Director

Union Grove High School (Union Grove, Wisconsin)

     Zach Fell, Director

Valdez High School (Valdez, Alaska)

     Ann Norris, Director

Valley Christian School (San Jose, California)

     Scott Homer, Director

Vernal Middle School (Vernal, Utah)

     Kirsten Little, Director

Versailles High School (Versailles, Ohio)

     Ronda Stammen, Director

Virginia City Jr./Sr. High School (Virginia City, Nevada)

     Amanda Eddy, Director

Walton-Verona High School (Walton, Kentucky)

     Chris Miller, Director

Wangenheim Middle School (San Diego, California)

     Stuart Holmes, Director

Washington Middle School (Meriden, Connecticut)

     Marta Kwiczor, Director (Band)

     Andrew Potts, Director (Strings)

Waunakee Middle School (Waunakee, Wisconsin)

     Gina Braun, Director

Waverly High School (Lansing, Michigan)

     David Gorbe, Director

Weld High School (Keenesburg, Colorado)

     Erinn Flaharty, Director

Western Dubuque High School (Dubuque, Iowa)

     Mike Omarzu, Director

Western Heights High School (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

     Kevin Williams, Director

White Middle School (Henderson, Nevada)

     William Daines, Director

Williams Middle School (Charleston, South Carolina)

     Denisse Stanbery, Director

Woodland High School (Woodland, Washington)

     Bryana Steck, Director