About Darryl Johnson II

Darryl Johnson II (b. 1984) is a native of Southern California. An early interest in music led him to study several instruments as well as music theory, composition, and orchestration. A lengthy background in music transcription and arranging has fostered a growing interest in diverse musical styles, yielding a fresh, personal style that comprises a patchwork of music old, new, popular, and traditional.

Darryl Johnson II in Orange County

Today his primary interests involve bringing new music to performing groups that strikes the delicate but crucial balance necessary for music that is constructive and fulfilling for both musicians and listeners. Descriptions of his works have ranged from "fun and catchy", to "deep and powerful", to "rich and beautiful". Consequently, his music has been heard in the concert hall, on the marching band field, and within the vast world of multimedia. As a composer, clinician, and speaker, Darryl Johnson II deals with an array of issues surrounding the field of music and its industry with the primary purpose of communicating the benefit, necessity, and sheer power of meaningful art.