Marching Band

While many bands routinely perform canned marching band shows, they rarely fit the demographic of your group because they are composed in a "one size fits all" fashion. However, one size does not fit all if you have no French horns one year and your arrangement has a horn solo!

Having a custom arranged show for your marching band will greatly increase the effectiveness of your band in that each arrangement will be written to maximize the strengths of your ensemble while minimizing the weaknesses.

Having an arrangement that is written specifically for your ensemble will not only insure a balanced and complete sound that will give your band a sharp advantage throughout, but it will allow for smoother rehearsals and a more thematically integrated show.

Other Benefits

   •    Freedom to select any songs in any form
   •    Freedom to plan exact durations, breaks, and cuts
   •    Freedom to match and coordinate music cues/hits exactly with choreography, drill routines and color guard
   •    Freedom to feature the strongest elements of the band
   •    Freedom to plan musically for set changes and transitions etc
   •    Maximum flexibility in all musical aspects of your show
   •    Guaranteed originality

Custom Works

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a customized show for your band or if you have questions about how it works